Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hello 2017

Here's another "last year/new year" post: 2017 already seems to offer maybe even more reasons to scream and sing about than last year and thats what we have been doing since our little bands humble beginnings in 2012, which, by the way, means we'll turn five in 2017, just like our friends in Irish Handcuffs who have recently shared a split 7inch with us (Out on Gunner Records since fall 2016). Been there done that - but some things stand out a little bit more, like, Obenuse Fest for example which was quite a highlight (evidence in the picture, thanx to RabbitRiot.net - concert photography). Furthermore, we share fond memories of our first ever tour of the USA with beloved Dan Webb and the Spiders, thanx again for taking us out! Not to mention THE FEST, can you believe it Gainesville, its been five years already. So, for us, not much is new in 2017, cooking up a few shows and maybe a little tour here or there and theres been talk about some new music and a few little changes (let's call them "improvements") that might come with it. Let's all try to make 2017 the best it could possibly be & see y'all soon.

Pic by Rabbitriot.net