Monday, February 15, 2016

OBENUSE FEST 2 lineup revealed

Hey there. Super siked to announce we're playing OBENUSE FEST in Zürich, Switzerland on May 7th with a LOT of awesome bands. See u there!

Iron Chic (USA), The Kids (BE), Baboon Show (SWE), Arliss Nancy (USA), Pears (USA), Vale Tudo (CH), Animal Instinct (CH), Resolutions (DE), Teen Agers (USA), Joliette (MEX), The Strapones (CH), Not Scientist (FR), Lyvten (CH), The Peawees (IT), Wicked (CH), Chelsea Deadbeat Combo (CH), Jungbluth (DE), Slander (IT), Le Grand Mal (CH) & more