Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Recorded during the otherwise useless month of March,2012, in various bunkers between Hamburg and Kiel, we are stoked to share with all you drunkards and sweethearts out there our first batch of audible evidence of this thing we called 'new band' and named No Weather Talks !!!
Special thanks is (so fuckin') due to Kay Petersen, for putting up with us emo-kids and magically making this shit sound like anything at all. DUDE RULES!
Also, thanks to our buddies in Bent Cross and the Matula-practicespace in rotten old Hamburg, for giving us a home to make noise in!
Plans for the summer, the road and records to be made! or rather T.B.fcknA.!
We'll be in touch.

Kay Petersen, producer of the rock.

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